Committees of the CLC

Performing Arts

The Performing Arts committee is comprised of community members led by Craig Munk. These members meet monthly at The Community Learning Center to broaden the programming housed within the center. They are leading the way to enrich people’s lives while collaborating with Dedicated Programmers to offer Lunch and Learns, Musical lessons, Acting, Writing and Producing Workshops and multigenerational opportunities within the center. This group will plan community activities such as book clubs, sing alongs, family movie nights and lecture series. They will also be instrumental in securing for-profit performances in our auditorium that further the performing arts within our community.

Fine Arts 

The Fine Arts committee is comprised of a group of community artists who represent all mediums. They are working to create a space where artists can work and teach community members. We are creating space for painting, sewing, stained glass, and pottery. Visiting and community artists will have space to teach novice and experienced community members.

Culinary Arts

The Culinary Arts committee is comprised of community members who have a real passion for cooking and creating delectable treats. These people also have a passion for teaching others the art of cooking and preparing new and different foods. This committee meets monthly to plan unique and different events for all genders and participants of all ages.  Teaching the community how to preserve food and make healthy meals using our garden produce continues to be a driving force for our programming and planning.