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Summer Meal Opportunities

The Community Learning Center is excited to be one of the locations providing free Summer meals in collaboration with East Noble. Meals are provided for children 18 and under who attend any school within the East Noble district. Not only does this help kids who can’t afford to eat over the summer, but it also helps keep our cafeteria workers employed over the summer. Each bag includes breakfast and lunch items. Stop by Monday-Friday 11:45- 12:15 until July 24th. 

Another great food opportunity we are proud to help collaborate with Boomerang Backpacks!!! Boomerang Backpacks is a local foundation that works with schools in NorthEast Indiana to  provide meals for young kids and their families. The program engages older students to help pack the bags. During the Summer The CLC is filling and distributing food on Saturdays from 9-11am. Food is provided by Gorden’s Food Service and includes chicken, produce, and dairy items. Time is running short on this opportunity with only two Saturdays left!

Fairy Door & CLC Updates

Fairy doors have certainly been the talk of town. They seem to be popping up everywhere around Kendallville since their debut and now have locations in Avilla, Albion, Rome City, and many other surrounding locations. I’ve always enjoyed all of these fantasy characters and the worlds they live in. With all this talk of fairy, trolls and gnomes I can’t help but be reminded of all the stories I read as a kid. It’s not until we go back later in life and read our favorite stories we really see and understand what they tried to tell us. Did you know that the CLC has one of these fairy doors? Located just outside the old K door (Or 401 E Diamond Street) lies the home of Socrates Von Dewey. I don’t want to give too much of his story away, so allow me to provide a preview:    

Lurking in the shadows of the CLC you may stumble upon a certain fairy roaming around. Don’t be fooled by his appearance, for he is known to be a leader among other fairies. Although it is rare to see him out in the day, be on the look out for this mischievous little guy and if you are lucky you might just see him, or at the very least his house. 

Before too much is said about this little guy, see if you can spot him yourself, who knows you may be one of the lucky few. Be on the lookout for the CLC fairy door whenever you’re out and about. 

Now to switch gears for a bit of an update on new things going around the building. With things beginning to open back up the CLC will start providing more opportunities once again. One such opportunity is guitar lessons. A four week class every Monday from 4-5pm. Guitars are provided, but you are welcome to bring your own. Gaslight theater has also started meeting every Friday 10-11am for a theater workshop. The more events that are hosted here, the busier the staff gets. Because of this the CLC welcomes three interns this Summer to help out around the building.  Not only is the CLC providing learning opportunities for the community, but staff is also learning many different opportunities such as gardening and woodworking, power tools and building. In the future we hope to provide other fun events like cooking classes. One last update before I sign off, The CLC has Solar panels. Perhaps you have seen pictures of them on the roof. Solar panels are a great way to provide power and keep things green. Solar panels are great for any workplace. If you’re out walking nearby look up and you might just see them.