Connecting Communities. Strengthening Lives. Securing Futures.

Founded in 2019, the Community Learning Center in Kendallville strives to advance the self-sufficiency of all residents through collaborative, multi generational programs and offerings.

The center is made possible by the passion and dedication of local champions and organizations who sought to create a place where individuals of all ages can increase their knowledge, skills, abilities, artistic talents, and health. In particular, the strong partnership between East Noble School Corp. and the City of Kendallville has provided the foundation for the facility, which originally was constructed in 1915, to serve residents of Kendallville, Noble County, and Northeast Indiana for generations to come.

A nine-person Board of Directors, with members representing organizations that supported the formation of the Community Learning Center, governs its operations. It is led by an executive director charged with furthering the center’s mission of: Connecting Communities. Strengthening Lives. Securing Futures.

Nonprofit organizations that align with the Community Learning Center’s mission are eligible to occupy space within the facility and offer programs and services. They also will be expected to embrace and model the center’s spirit of collaboration and multi generational approach to offering programs and services.

Organization of the Community Learning Center

We are a supporting organization represented by these current board members:

President: The Honorable Judge Robert Probst

Vice President: CEO of the YMCA, Casey Weimer,

Secretary: The Honorable Mayor Suzanne Handshoe

Treasurer: The Dekko Foundation President, Tom Leedy

East Noble School Corporation Superintendent, Ann Linson

Park Department Director, Jim Pankop

Parkview Noble Hospital President, Gary Adkins

Oak Farm Montessori Head of School, Candice Holbrook

The Freedom Academy Executive Director, Melissa Carpenter