Come one come all, to a great community event hosted at the Community Learning Center it’s: The Farmers Market!!! 

Farmer’s markets are a great way to get out and find homemade homegrown, and home crafted items you wouldn’t find elsewhere. A farmer’s market may be the perfect way to get out and enjoy sunshine, friends, and support our local  vendors. These types of events are fun to attend, as you don’t know what you’ll find. With so many vendors selling different things you could find almost anything you want, plus markets in smaller towns like Kendallville you could very well find the unexpected. That’s the glory of a farmer’s market.  

The farmer’s market has been a huge success since its start in late May. Not only does it include vendors selling specialty items, but also food, plants, produce, and craft jewelry. Maybe you’re hungry for some fresh baked goods or maybe have a  sweet tooth?  Baked goods such as cookies, cupcakes, and donuts are made and sold by our community members. The market is an open and free event, showing up anyway is, buying items of course may cost you. Come join and support the local community every other Saturday 8-10am, you never know what you might find.